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Our Mission

We are on a mission to nurture an inclusive coworking community for creative and digital professionals in Luton.

We believe in the importance of community. We will provide opportunities for people to make connections, discuss ideas, share resources and learn from each other. We will serve a diverse community and we will celebrate that diversity.

We will provide an inspiring environment that encourages creativity and innovation. Creativity is culturally worthwhile. Innovation is essential for our economy. We hope that our coworking space will be in Lutonís Cultural Quarter.

We believe that digital technology must be harnessed for good.

We feel that an open plan office full of identical desks is not suitable for everything. Our space will have a variety of areas to cater for various tasks and different ways of working.

We intend to foster economic development in Luton. We believe that freelancers and small businesses are key to the future prosperity of our area.

We will try to minimise our impact on the environment. We will assess our carbon footprint and implement measures to reduce it. We will encourage coworkers to travel to our coworking space by public transport, walking or cycling.

Our coworking space will be downtown, rather than in some isolated edge-of-town business park. It will be near to shops, restaurants and public transport routes.

If you would like to help on our mission, then please email